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Commission des Jeunes du RSR Walfer

Dear friends of the RSR Walfer !

We are pleased to inform you that the RSRWalfer has set up a *Youth Commission !*

It currently has 14 members, parents and coaches, and met for the first time on 18/2: it represents all the youth groups of the RSRWalfer, from the Bouncing Grizzlies to the U19s 😊.

The missions of the Youth Commission will be:

· To promote the cohesion and values of the club between the teams, by being an interlocutor for the athletes, the parents, the coaches and the club committee

· To support the committee in the organization of the club's events (championships, tournaments) and to organize or promote events specific for the Youth categories

· To ensure an "administrative" follow-up of the players

Please feel free to contact us for any question or proposition regarding this commission.

For the Youth Commission,


Let's go walfer!