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Hope dies last


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!! Event takes place under the 3G regime: possible last-minute certified antigen test on site by a professional nurse (30 eur) !!

Is a set win or more possible, or is the Viennese sovereignty to be finally acknowledged?

After the game in Vienna, the disappointment was great. Even though they knew that the Viennese have such games every weekend, every single Walferding player knew that they were capable of a better performance as a team. But it is not always possible to show the best form of the day. The biggest challenge for coaches and players now is to have learned from the match and to go full speed from the beginning in the next match and try to attack the Viennese women with good serves, powerful spikes and "never give up spirit". With a hopefully big crowd behind them, a surprise could be quite possible. Whether it will be enough for a set or even more, we will find out on Wednesday. Luxembourg volleyball fans, come and support us ....