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Walfer qualified for the Final 2021


Photo : Jerry GERARD

Learning from mistakes


With a more collective attitude, the Walfer ladies got the better start.
But the Gym also proved that they are also candidate. The first set is won by Walfer with 27-25.
Please not the same story as yesterday. 22-18 in favour of the Gym and Walfer is standing with its back to the wall.
Time for our lucky talisman. Walfer wins the serve, Noa comes in for Kelsey and it should be her fortunate day.
6 serves in a row and the set was in the pocket. Amazing Noa. Set 3 was a mixed battle with a loss of concentration.
Gym reduced the score to 2-1. The all-decisive set would be the 4th set .... and so it turned.
Gym left too much energy and Walfer took advantage of this situation. Finals we are coming.

Congratulations to the CS Gym Volley, you have been a very strong opponent.

Lets GO Walfer ?