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Bouncing Grizzlies during Corona Time


Photos : RSR Walfer

The youngest members of RSR Walfer Volleyball during Corona time
(RSR Walfer interviews Mexx B.)

RSRW : The Bouncing Grizzlies group is entering its third season. What personal impressions
can you share from the last 2.5 years?
MB: Spontaneously, I would say that I regret that we didn't start this initiative earlier.

RSRW : Why do you make these statements?
MB: It is heartbreaking to see how the children's eyes light up when they manage to overcome their initial reluctance,
how their cheeks redden because after 10 laps they are still not tired and want to run another better lap,
how they smile when they have finally managed to follow their coaches' new guidelines.

RSRW : And the Corona in the midst of all this?
MB: Clearly, this damn virus hasn't helped us manage our training set-up better.
But if you take a step back and look at it from a different angle, you can see that the number of registrations
has increased considerably, that all the places (which are limited to 24 because of the C-19)
are taken half an hour after the invitation was sent out - that seems to be the best gauge.

RSRW : Doesn't the rule of a maximum of 10 people per individual court, i.e. 30 people for the 3 courts,
take something away from the atmosphere?

MB: It is true that these Corona restrictions have forced us to rethink our organisation.
It was necessary to divide the children into 3 groups, recruit more coaches and prepare the sessions even more thoroughly.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Carole Demortier for her exemplary effort in preparing the activities,
as well as Nathalie, Liz, Karolina, Charlotte, Ben, Raoul, Gildas, etc., who participate with motivation in almost every session.
These 3 groups also allow us to better distribute the children according to age and thus ensure age-appropriate supervision.

All in all these Bouncing Grizzlies give me pure and vibrant energy and bring me a lot happiness.

RSRW : All in all, it is pure fun.Thank you for this review, we hope you continue to have a lot of pleasure
with the youngsters and who knows, maybe we will find future RSRW players among them.